Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tarot Card Predictions

Find more with these links Psychic Uk Essential Oils Psychic Reading here Tarot decks are a tool frequently used by psychics in order to determine the influences surrounding an individual and/ or their circumstances and thus providing a deeper understanding of the situation and an indication as to a possible outcome. Tarot decks consist of 22 stand alone cards, the major arcana, with each one having a unique meaning of its own and the 56 card minor arcana, divided into suits - cups, wands, pentacles and swords. Each suit is divided into 10 numbered and four face cards, page, knight, king and queen. Every suit represents a different element, or aspect, of live and the individual meanings of each number or face is considered in conjuction with its suit. In order to do a reading, all of the deck is shuffled, then a certain number is chosen and laid out in a spread. There are many possible spreads, some more complicated than others, but the two most commonly used ones are known as the Three Fates and the Celtic Cross. The 3 cards in the first spread, for instance, represent past, present and future influences, drawn in that order. The reader will interpret the meaning of each, bearing in mind its position in the spread and then draw a conclusion. For example, a person may be enquiring about a possible career change. The Wheel of Fortune (for the past, suggesting that he has indeed reached the end of a cycle and is ready for a change, although trepidation is present due to having to let go of familiar things), the 7 of Wands (for the present, indicating a change of job and highlighting the challenge this will prove to be under opposition from friends and family, while indicating that determination and hard work will be required in order to succeed), and the Magician (for the future, portraying latent skills and talents yet to be developed, as well as indicating that self confidence, intuition and determination will help to move on and tap into as yet uncovered potential) are drawn. The conclusion here is that this is indeed a good time to make a move. How it is possible to interpreted a spread in a way that will produce meaning is a matter of opinion. Many readers believe that it is an inherent power or talent, simply being triggered by the cards. Others regard it as a connection to a greater, universal mind or consciousness; while others still refrain from trying to give explanations altogether and simply accept that it works - much like many of us tend to watch TV without ever knowing how it all actually works. There are also different views regarding the power within the deck. Although many believe they are simply a visual aid to the readers own ability, others believe their ability is enhanced through a power inherent in the Tarot and will therefore only use their own deck. Whatever their belief, however it works, many readers have produced incredibly accurate and meaningful readings for their clients. http://simplypsychics.blogspot.com/