Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Are The Great Reasons to Seek a Divination Reading

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People spanning centuries seek divination readings for fun, curiosity and pastime. There are several reasons why people welcome the concept of divination. The first reason is just pure curiosity. People are just plain inquisitive on things that are about to happen, and if experts on these divining can decipher their past and present everyday situations, it would be a perfect diversion, amusement and a good source of fun on parties and other gatherings. People around the world from different cultures, races and beliefs are gone bananas over divination, premonition or prediction which has been the practice as an ancient system of winning battles, ruling a monarchy or kingdom or certain prophecies which were done by scholars, early scientists, shamans, faith healers, fortune tellers, herbalists, druids, wizards and witches.

Even, when people only half-believed in it, their interest on its marvel, strangeness or phenomenon lives on. Half of it global populace are just left in awe of its phenomenon.
Since the time divination was conceptualized in the middle ages, it was already a kind of antecedent of information and knowledge with nation rulers, monarchs, royalties, and noblemen to rely on seers, oracles and wizards in ruling a realm, monarchy or empire. Today, clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, and spiritualist are best sought by the rich and powerful figures in every society for the sake of providing a divination reading that covers their careers, love relationships, family and health, readings on their present and future events, as well as interpretation and analysis of the past. This is the second probable reason why people would just love to hear and to seek a divination reading. The third reason for divination reading can also be when a person is in the verge of depression, financial or career crisis, sickness, drinking problem, drug addiction, infidelity or marital glitches.

There are times in people’s lives when they seem lost and wallowed in miseries and difficulties. These are the times when a diviner, psychic or clairvoyant is needed to provide clarity or certainty and hope to people that seem to be at a lost and has no other plans of moving on freely and finally. The concept of acquiring further knowledge and information of one’s own future whether on his personal, business or status in society are the primary concern of some people who would like to obtain a divination reading. People in the business world are already been open to specific notions such as: the financial instability of his corporation, the future of his business, and the outcome of his financial investments and future credibility. In divination reading a future’s forecast can provide added interest to the whole populace particularly when it concerns on the weather, environment and the fate of those prominent figures that are also a part of everyone’s concern. For it is in the prediction that people usually are fascinated into as it concerns likelihood, possibilities and chances. At times, people would just wonder what will be in store for them into the future.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Find Out Are Spiritualist Mediums Trained?

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Most spiritualist mediums are attached to, or part of, the SNU (Spiritualists' National Union). As such, they are part of an organisation which actively promotes knowledge regarding the religion and it's philosophy and science. Uniting Spiritualists around the world, this organisation supports 340 churches/ societies, all of which share the same seven principles. These principles - consisting of 1) Fatherhood of God, 2) Brotherhood of Man, 3) the Ministry of Anels and Communion of Spirits, 4) the Soul's Continuous Existence, 5) Personal Responsibility, 6) Compensation for all good deeds and Retribution for all evil deeds done during one's life in the hereafter and 7) the Openness of Eternal Progress to every Soul - form a basic ethical and moral framework all members base their lives on.

The SNU has a specially formed Training and Awards Sub-committee, which in turn reports to the National Education Committee's Accreditation Committee and organises high quality regionald training sessions, as well as coordinating the many volunteer SNU tutors. Members, in particular mediums, attend these training and assessment sessions with awards being presented to successful candidates for mediumship, public speaking, spiritual healing and spiritual writing, as well as church administration. Achievable awards range from the Platform Accreditation Sheme, where training involves practical experience and assessments of the speakers/ demonstrators abilities with regard to spirit communication; through a variety of certificates of recognition following educational courses and showing a proven ability to serve Spiritualism; to SNU Diplomas, showing a good, acceptable level of practical ability and knowledge.

Both Certificates and Diplomas are are split into several different areas/ aspects of Spiritualism and candidates choose the aspect they wish to work in/ with, although it is of course possible for one individual to study several subjects. No Spiritualist medium will be allowed to perform public - or private - readings/ sessions without having undergone at least some of this training, thus ensuring that only those truly gifted are "let loose" on the public. In addition to these various training options, each individual - just like any other medium - obviously spends a lot of time practising and perfecting their gifts/ abilities on a personal level.

It can therefore be safely said that Spiritualist Mediums are certainly trained, possibly more so than any other medium. It is possible that this insistence on training and assessment goes back to the times when many so - called mediums were revealed as frauds, something which dealt a real blow to the Spiritualist movement in earlier days (Houdini, for instance, spent most of his life searching for and pointing out what he referred to as "charlatans"). Making sure that those working in the name of Spiritualism are genuinely gifted, well trained in all aspects of dealing with spirit communication and able to perform in meetings in a manner which will prove to be of genuine help to those seeking help or comfort is thus of great importance to the movement and has no doubt assisted in the revival and increasing popularity of Spiritualism.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Psychic Tarot Readings

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A psychic Tarot reading, one of many different types of readings available, involves the use of a 78 card Tarot deck - 22 cards in the Major Arcana, a set of individual cards with unique meanings and 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, which is divided into four suits - swords, pentacles, cups and wands. Each card within the suits (numbers 1 - 10 and the four face cards, namely Queen, King, Page and Knight) also has a pre - determined meaning (in accordance with it's suit) and, although it is easy enough to purchase a deck, it will take a lot of practise and experience to correctly interpret these meanings in relation to a person and their inquiry. Many believe that a deck has a personality or supernatural power of it's own and will try many different decks until they find the one they feel they can connect to.

In order to perform a reading, a number of cards (determined by the type of question, the person asking, the type of spread used and of course the preference of the reader). Spreads can contain anything from three cards (as in the Three Fates spread, for instance) up to fifteen or more cards (the Golden Dawn Spread, for example, contains fifteen cards). Which type of spread is again decided by personalities and type of question. A simple "Should I, shouldn't I" question, for example, could probably be answered quite sufficiently with a three card spread; a choice of options may be examined with a seven card Options spread, whereas a more complex situation may require a spread containing many more cards and thus covering more aspects of the given situation.

The cards are then interpreted in conjunction with the individual and his or her problem/ situation and according to their individual meanings and the position they hold within the spread. A card drawn up - side - down will reverse it's meaning, so this has to be taken into consideration as well. Tarot readings can be done for a variety of reasons. From love or relationship questions to career choices, every aspect of an individual's life may be looked into. They can help to discern what is going wrong within a relationship and/ or whether it is going to last; they can explain events or situations and predict where they are heading and they can help to divine possible outcomes of an undertaking or project. When a person stands at a crossroads within their life, they are able to point in the right direction and help the individual to make the right choices.

Whatever the question or situation, with the help of the Tarot cards an experienced, skilled reader will be able to help his/ her clients to better understand what is going on in their lives and why things are happening. He/ she will also be able to give informed advice how they should proceed or what changes need to be made in order to enable a brighter future.