Monday, January 9, 2012

How a psychic reading is performed

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A psychic is a person who has spent time and energy in honing innate intuitive skills to a state where they can tap them at will. The Reader helps you receive guidance from the invisible spirit world, make good decisions about your life, and thus avoid mistakes. A psychic reading can help you gain deeper insight into yourself and feel better and more confident about your life. All reasons to have a reading. But how is one performed? What happens?

A psychic develops routines that help them connect to the spirit world so to speak and ask for guidance for his client. Everyone has his or her own methods and these are to some part based on what kind of abilities he or she has. A medium may tap into a spirit guide, a clairvoyant might use a crystal ball to focus on, a different one may ask for an object to touch - all these are equally valid methods and what works for one may not work precisely for another.

The routines developed all follow a certain set of steps. The first step is meditation. To a large extent this is about centering, finding a good, safe spot within from which to deal with the energies at work during the reading.

The second step is invoking protection from malicious forces. This has to cover the practitioner, the client and the location. More often than not it is not necessary but is a simple prayer that becomes a part of the first step itself.

The third step is about opening up to the client’s energies and trying to understand the problem he wants guidance on. This is where experience most comes to play. He or she must see the tapestry of life that it is and find out the threads of events and where they are tangled up and where the strands lead. To do this step, some use psychometry where they hold on to an object that belongs to the client. Others may hold hands with the client or may just concentrate on them.

The next step is about bringing focus and clarity to problem areas discovered in the previous step. Guidance is sought and understood. This is where the answers are revealed to the psychic. The answers are in the form of images or sounds that the basic language of the psychic world. They have to be interpreted correctly to make any kind of sense to the client.

The last step is about disconnecting from the energies, appeasing the powers that helped and centering again. A session can take a lot out of a psychic and he or she needs to replenish himself constantly. This can be by meditation, or by listening to a piece of music or gazing at a soothing scene or using a guided relaxation tape.