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Tools of the Physic Trade Mediums & Psychic Readings

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Since time immemorial, human beings have attempted to communicate with those living in the afterlife world, which could be the ghosts of their friends, or relatives who passed on. The motivation behind this has been unresolved issues that they may have had with the diseased or just out of loneliness and the search for companionship. The earliest example is in the holy bible where several prophets sought the help of the past dead ones. In every kind of activity, there are tools to use in order to achieve the desired results. There are several items that a psychic is expected to own for success in their activities.

An amethyst

This purple crystal has protective properties. It is available for purchase from stores and mainly acquired from antique stores. Online shop fronts could also be another place where a psychic can acquire this.


Physics believe that this plant holds certain protective characteristics. It is available from grocery stores where it is sells a spice. Psychics use it as a smudge in areas, especially homes that they want to protect from supernatural forces. Some also dry it in the sun and then crumble it up. One spreads the crumbs around the area targeted for protection.


This is just the regular table salt, which telepathists use as a symbol of the earth. People scatter it around forming a circle in the areas that they want to protect, and use is as a substitute of soil since it is less conspicuous indoors.

Flashlight and candles

Psychics prefer to carry out their activities in dark conditions but it would be impractical to have them groping around in darkness trying to look for their paraphernalia. They need dimly lit conditions for optimal performance of their activities.

Change of clothes

Having the same set of clothes over a long time is impractical and is likely to leave an individual feeling tired and sweaty. Dirt and filth are not conducive conditions for any productive activity. However, some psychics prefer to have several sets of clothes that are similar in design.


Every human being is in need of energy sources for their activities and food is the only source. Furthermore, magic takes a toll on the energy reserves of the body, which requires replenishment. Water is also necessary since they will experience thirst.

Tarot cards

These are very common tools in this trade and seers and mediums mostly use them. They predict the future and help mediums to communicate with those who have passed on. The ability to read them enhances the chances of accuracy of the psychics.

All these tools aim at achieving the best possible results from psychic readings.

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