Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Are Angel Card Readings

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Angel cards are totally different from a tarot deck and not to be confused with tarot in any way. Many a psychic uses this kind of deck if they want to give a message to someone. Although it is possible to use them in a small selection of cards they are more often used to give a single message from one card.
Many people tell you that you do not need the book. Use your intuition from the pictures and messages on the cards. This is fine for a psychic who is well versed in connecting to the higher power. This however does not hold true for a total beginner. Usually these people are unsure of where to begin. We all need to learn to start somewhere and people who are starting alone and at home need some guidance albeit from a book. Angel cards are far easier to learn than the tarot and they usually have far fewer cards in the deck. People tend to talk about guides as well as angels who help you through life. This is up to an individual. I personally believe in angels but have never seen a guide. I have however seen and been visited by angels. Angel cards tend to give you a link to your angels which can be hard to achieve normally. People with psychic abilities tend to believe in what they see and hear. I have been in the company of many psychics over the years and to be honest I don’t think two believe alike. Buying a new deck of angel cards is a totally personal taste. One needs to see it, feel it and be totally in tune with it for it to work well for you.

When you bring it home make sure you saviour the moment when you open the deck for the first time. Play with the cards, shuffle them and spread them out. If I am choosing a new deck for myself, I make sure that they aren’t the huge kind. I have small hands and find them difficult to work with. You need to be comfortable with the deck and don’t want to keeping up cards off the floor. Make sure that the deck you choose is coated as over time you will find you have to give them a wipe to keep them from getting coated with the oil from your hands. Read through the book if you are new to the idea but the most important part is to familiarise yourself with the cards. As you look at each card you will find yourself seeing more and more detail as you go along. Familiarity will bring more and more psychic ability to the forefront of the mind. When you are ready try the cards out on a few friends. Before you start this you might well want to bless your cards and dedicate them to the higher realm by asking only the good spirits to come through your angels. Burning a white candle while doing your readings will help you feel closer to your angels. By dowsing the candle at the end of the session it will help you close yourself down.

Always keep your cards in a safe place where no one else’s energy will interfere with your cards. Your own psychic energy is the only persons that should ever touch your cards.

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