Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who Can Come Through During a Medium Reading

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A psychic medium has an interesting life. The one thing you can be certain of is that you can never predict who will come through with a message. The major portion of the time the spirits that come through are those loved ones of the sitter who have already passed on.

A psychic medium can literally bring though anyone who wishes to come through. When you consider who has come through to all the different mediums over the time, you have a collection from Kings for example the Queen Mothers “Bertie” to some of the greatest composers of the world like Liszt. The spirit that does come through is the spirit that wants to communicate for some reason. Most times this happens to be the sitters loved one and this is often because the sitter has booked an appointment and as a result the spirit world knows that the sitter is looking to be contacted by a spirit through a psychic medium. Most of the more interesting medium-ship contacts do not get published but get discussed between psychics as interesting contacts. These can seldom be verified as there is no person who is able to identify the spirits personal quirks. It is only when you get a medium such as Lilian Bailey O.B.E. who was a psychic who connected to “Bertie” and also the Rosemary Brown who was able to produce the symphonies dictated by Liszt and other composers directly to her.

This presents proof that is undeniable. This shows that any person who has lived can actually come though and present themselves should they wish to do so. All they need is a psychic medium who is prepared to accept them and pass their messages along. This means that if you are doing a medium-ship reading there is basically no reason for you not to believe a spirit can be a famous person. The difficult comes in getting verification. How do you verify someone who has been dead for hundreds of years and has no living relative who knows them intimately? How do you even know its real and no your imagination? I personally had an intriguing experience which resulted in me learning a new word that had never entered my vocabulary until that day. For me this definitely proved that the spirit was real and I was able to verify the experience with that word by looking it up in the dictionary.

When dealing with ability of psychic medium-ship, one must be prepared to hear from any spirit that wishes to communicate. It totally depends on where you are going to be doing a medium-ship reading or presentation. Most times it is the prosaic which is a connection between the past relatives of the sitters but it can be anyone who has lived.

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